This is a summary list of many of the things that come up during the school year. See the Resources page for more in-depth discussions of some of these topics. To add a question to the list, send an email to faq@gwmspta.org.
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Attendance What do I do if my student will be leaving early, late or absent? Call or email the secretary at your student's respective school but a note is necessary to excuse it. It must be in writing, but e-mail is acceptable. Contacts/Links 
Attire Is there a dress code? There is a dress code that is described in great detail in a flyer coming home in the day one packet, but it boils down to: clothes should fit comfortably not too tight, too loose, to short or too long, and also cover mid-riff bottoms, and cleavage.  
Books Why is my child bringing home all these books? They are meant to stay home as a reference.  
Communication How can I get a message to my student during the day? Contact the secretary of the school your student is enrolled in. Contacts/Links 
Communication What is the school policy on cell phones in the building? Cell phones may not be seen or heard during school hours and if they are they will be confiscated--requiring a parent to come in to pick it up and also the added benefit of additional disciplinary actions. If you kid is texting in class, mention it to the teacher and the administration.  
Conferences Should I schedule with every teacher? In the "team" system, teachers often had conferences as a group, so that general observations and reactions could be discussed. This method is effective, but tends to leave out the electives teachers. Contact them individually if needed. This may also change with the new organization and administration.  
Conferences Should I wait until conference time to ask questions of a teacher? Most teachers will respond quickly to a question sent via email or a brief telephone message. ACPS Email Directory 
Conferences Are teachers willing to do conferences outside the schedules Parent/Teacher conference days? "Most" teachers will meet with parents on request. In fact, many express a preference for having a conversation before problems arise. There are some teachers who can't be bothered, and with those you may have to find alternate methods to secure effective communication channels.  
Conferences Why are there two days scheduled for Middle School conferences, but only one is used? I have frequently been told that, because my child turned in the form late, there are no more slots available. How can I see 6-9 teachers in one day? Great question! The team approach tends to address the issue of meeting "most" of your child's teachers, but the schedule does tend to fill up quickly, and many opportunities for productive discourse are lost. Perhaps the new administration will address this concern.  
Homework How much time are students expected to spend on homework in each grade?   
Money What is the easiest way to send lunch money to the school? You can send a check payable to GW1 or GW2 Food Services, with your child's PIN in the memo field. You can also use Cafe Prepay to replenish the account balance from a credit card.  
Money What's with all these money requests at the beginning of school? The school requires: $3 for hall locker fee; $5 for PE locker fee; $7 for gym shorts; $7 for gym shirt; additional for sweats. The total is $22 at the beginning of the year, and the check should be payable to GW1 or GW2, as approrpriate.  
Money How can my child get free lunch? You must fill out an application form at the beginning of EACH school year. It's important that you do this, because the school gets additional resources based on the number of children in the program. It also automatically qualifies your child for some additional services and discounts. http://www.acps.k12.va.us/fns/fns-application.pdf 
Scheduling What if there are problems with the school schedule I receive? Contact the Director of Guidance, Ms. McKenzie, or your schoool's guidance counselor. School Contacts 
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