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posted Jan 31, 2011, 5:15 PM by Chris Miller   [ updated Jan 31, 2011, 5:19 PM ]

On behalf of the GW PTA, I’d like to express my appreciation to the 61 families and teachers listed below who have contributed $7,468 to the GW Donors campaign. These gifts make it possible for the PTA to, among other things, provide important information to parents; make Education Grants which promote and enable innovative teaching; provide fun school-based student activities such as dances; create and distribute the GW Student Directory; show our teachers and staff how much we appreciate them; fund field trips; support after-school tutoring; and hold community-building events.  


Diamond Level: Paul Brinkman and Lisa Jacobs, Ann O’Hanlon and John Harris, Debra Raggio, Jennifer and Tony Roda, David and Melynda Wilcox


Gold Level: Donna Gold and David Needham, Jim and Dorene Pickup, Patricia and Steve Scroggs, Pam Smith, Jack Taylor’s Alexandria Toyota-Scion, Pete and Jeannie Tideman, Eileen Wallace and Jim Benbow, Marc and Nancy Williams


Silver Level: Anonymous, Tom and Nancy Hall Berens, The Conger Family, Stephen Cousins and Carol Lucet-Cousins, Sharon and Kevin Dooley, Yvonne and Brian Folkerts, David and Kristina Hill, Vaughn Jordan Mackay, Tonya and Andy Kelly, Debra Landa, Louisa Miller and Charles Nelson, Wilbert and Sherry Mahoney, Terri Nintemann and Vince Kiernan, The Ring Family, Bonnie Rossello, Mary Anne and Jeffrey Salmon, Ann Seidenberg, Gordon and Donna Shelley


Friend Level: Rachel and Sam Alberts, Eugenie Ballering, Diana Beckmann, Rhodessa and Jim Bender, Thomas and Deb Berry, Tania Blagrove and David Magallon, Nancy and Richard Crowley, Tim and Ann Devine, Margaret Dickson, Julie Edmond, David and Shanya Englin, John and Sharon Forrer, Cele and Scott Garrett, Barbara and Steve Glomb, Denise and Tim Gray, Steve Lally and Jennifer Veeda, Lynn and Jim Laychak, Scott and Deborah Lockett, Kay Marshall, Linda and Willie Moncure, Donna Munoz, Rachel and Jeff Newhouse, Timothy and Constance Roberts, Eleanor Seline, Kelly Signs, Laura Skaff, Robert Stegeman, Jayne Tynan, Amy Young and David Malakoff, Amy and Doug Zang


Even though this year’s GW Donors campaign raised roughly the same amount as last year’s campaign, we fell short of the $10,000 goal that was set in our annual budget.  If you would like to make a last-minute gift to help us reach that goal, please see the attached information.  Thank you!


Melynda Wilcox, President


Chris Miller,
Jan 31, 2011, 5:19 PM