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Schedule a conference with my child's teachers?

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Forms should come home about a week before conference day. Choose a time slot, and write the names of the teachers you'd like to meet.

Take my student out of school for an appointment?

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Contact the secretary of the school your student is enrolled in. (See the Contacts page.)

Get Homework Help for my child?

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There is a Homework  Help/Honors Seminar every Thursday from 3:15 - 4:15, and it is open to all. Many teachers also make themselves available during lunch and/or after school.

How do I get assigned a Buddy I can touch base with?

posted Sep 21, 2009, 12:43 PM by Donna Gold   [ updated Sep 21, 2009, 5:56 PM by Unknown user ]

This year the PTA has inaugurated a Buddy program for parents who are new to GWMS or to the ACPS.  If you request one, you will be provided with the name of a parent who has had a child at the school for at least one year.  When those inevitable questions, confusions, and doubts arise about how things work in middle school, you can contact your Buddy to see if they have any experience with the issue or any ideas for how you can deal with it.  To be assigned a Buddy contact Donna Gold at or (703)684-6006.

Also, if you would like to serve as a Buddy to a new parent, contact Donna to let her know.

Ensure I have all the information I need?

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A consistent "symptom" of the transition to middle school is the Black Hole known as your child's locker. Teachers will help by encouraging regular cleanouts, but the only surefire way to get all the permission slips, notes from teachers, interim reports (and so on) is to go in to school periodically and help your child organize and clean out that locker. Every other week should be sufficient until you've embarrassed your child into compliance with bringing home all those extra papers.
Knowing when to expect things helps. For Parent-Teacher Conferences and Interim reports, the Town Crier will usually keep you in the loop. It is important to develop a frequent habit of dialog with your middle schooler about what's happening at the school. (More examples would be school photos--once in the fall and once in the spring, then yearbooks and Spirit Week in the spring. Field trips are a little less predictable, since they are sometimes only for a particular class.)

See below for the Parent-Teacher Conference request form as of Fall 2009. Print and send with your student if you don't see it in the backpack.

Get my child organized?

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This presentation on Organization skills was given by Virginia Larsen and Christianne Storm van Leeuwen, School Psychologists, at the November PTA meeting.

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