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Class of 2024
8th Grade Promotion

The George Washington Middle School administrators, teachers, and PTA volunteers are working hard to plan the final three weeks of school for our 8th Graders. We hope this schedule of festivities and fun will send them off with fond memories of three happy years, precious friendships, and high hopes for the future!


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May 24th

8th Grade Farewell Field Trip - Kings Dominion

9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

  • Busses depart from school at 9:00am and leave the park at 5:30pm

  • $75 per person includes bus, park entry, meal and unlimited drinks

  • Financial assistance is available (first come, first served)

  • Field trip forms are due by May 10th! (no exceptions)

  • Students must have taken the math SOL the day before (or submitted the necessary paperwork for that SOL)


May 31st

8th Grade Dance - GWMS Main Gym

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

  • $5 per person

  • Tickets will be on sale in the cafeteria 5/5-5/29

  • No tickets sold at the door for security reasons

  • Financial assistance available (all students will participate)

  • Transportation not provided by GWMS

  • No outside guests but students may invite 6th or 7th graders to attend


  • AMAZON WISH LIST (order by 5/25)


Monday, June 10th

8th Grade Field & Food Truck Day

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

  • Activities will include obstacle course moon bounces, field day games, soccer games hosted by Alexandria Soccer Association coaches, DJ Malone, food trucks, water & fruit stations

  • Locations will include the parking lot, tennis court, track and fields behind the school (see map below for details)

  • Activities and ice cream are free to students!

  • School lunch will be available, but students can also choose to buy burgers, hot dogs and tacos from food trucks ($10-$15 range)


Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 5.29.22 PM.png
GW - 8th (3).png

June 11th

8th Grade Promotion - ACHS Auditorium

3330 King Street, Alexandria VA 22302

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

  • Students must arrive at Alexandria City High School by 4:00pm

  • Due to space limitations, each family will receive two free tickets to the ceremony in the ACHS Auditorium. No additional tickets will be available

  • Overflow seating will be available in the Cafeteria with CCTV viewing



How Can I Help?

Please see the volunteer signup sheets above to learn how best to help make these special events happen! We will need chaperones for the field trip. We will need volunteers to set up, clean up, and chaperone the dance.  We will need volunteers to set up, clean up and work the activity stations on field day. We will also need donations of waters, gatorades and fruit.  There’s something for everyone!

How Do I Buy an 8th Grade Promotion T-Shirt?

These white, short-sleeved Gildan brand tees come in Sizes S-XL for $7 and Sizes 2X-3X for $9. You can place an order for your students and donate a shirt to a classmate HERE. Orders must be placed by May 15th with the goal of receiving them by the first week in June. The shirts will be distributed in the cafeteria during an 8th Grade lunch period or outside at the 8th Grade Field & Food Truck Day on June 10th.

GWML New Tee Mock 2.jpg

How Do I Buy an 8th Grade Promotion Yard Sign? 

You can purchase a George Washington Middle School Proud Family yard sign HERE! These 24-inch x 18-inch, single-sided yard signs are made of 4m corrugated plastic and come with a metal stake for display. They are $20 each and will be sold through May 15th. Signs will be shipped to the school where we will arrange for two days of pickup.  After that, please arrange for late pickup by emailing Greta Gordon at

unnamed (1).jpg

Can I Still Order a Yearbook?

Yes! There is still time to order your 2023-2024 GWMS yearbook HERE! The GWMS ID number is 14437624. Yearbooks will be sent home with students during the final weeks of school.   If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Rollins, GWMS yearbook advisor and art teacher, at

Multicolor Modern Birthday Older Adults Birthday Banner.jpeg

Will There Be Refreshments at the Promotion?

GWMS will not provide food prior to the promotion ceremony, so please eat before you arrive! Parent booster organizations may sell waters or flowers after the fact. We will share more details on that if/when they become available. 


What if I have a season pass to Kings Dominion? 

If you have a season pass we ask that you pay $40 which will cover your food, unlimited drinks, and transportation to the park. We also ask that you bring us a copy of it or allow us to make a copy. 

Can my parent/guardian chaperone? 

Parents/guardians are welcome to sign up to chaperone. They must be CONFIRMED by us before they can join us on the trip as one of our chaperones. Please know that a chaperone has responsibility for at least 10 other students and not just with you. Chaperones are expected to ride our bus to help with supervising students as well. Please know that everyone who signs up to chaperone will not be invited to do so. They must complete the background check with ACPS and we have to have told them they are invited. 

Will we have access to the water park?

No, you will not have access to the water park. It will not even be open during our visit.

How are the groups going to be formed?

The most important part of the groups is getting you on the bus, really. Once we get to the park, you are on your own to have fun. We just need cell phone numbers for buddies. We will make sure that chaperones are placed with their students and we will try to accommodate friend groups as best as possible. Most importantly, stay on your assigned bus to get you there and back.

Do you have to have money for Kings Dominion?

Kings Dominion is CASHLESS. Simply swipe or tap your credit card, debit card, or smart device with Apple Pay or Google Pay where you would normally use cash. It’s faster, safer, and always secure. No card? No problem! At their Cash-to-Card Kiosks, you can convert your cash into a prepaid debit card you can use anywhere – not just inside the park - with no fees. It’s easy and FREE.


What is the theme for the dance?

Summertime Tropical. Please do not wear bathing suits and such. Keep it classy. We will have a DJ and maybe a photo station! 

May I invite people from other schools?

No, but you may invite students from other grades. Make sure to buy their tickets when you buy yours. The tickets will be sold from 5/15-5/30th for $5.00. 

Will there be snacks like last year?

Yes, our PTA always takes care of us! It will be lots of fun. We will have a dance competition and I think we have a photo booth/station again. So let’s have some fun!! 


What type of food trucks will there be?

  • Scoops2U CONFIRMED: one ice-cream novelty bar for each student

  • Chef Tony Rowe Food Truck CONFIRMED: burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders and tacos for sale

  • Minutas Real Surena Food Truck CONFIRMED: Tacos!

  • Timber Pizza & Biga Biga Pizza INVITED

What if I don't have any money?

Scoops2U will give each participating student a free novelty bar. Also, you will have access to your school lunch as always. 

What if I don’t want to go outside?

You will choose a classroom, the library, or outside with a Google form. You will receive an arm band based on your selection the morning of the event. Those on the No Go list will be in a classroom learning about great behavior. Everyone who attends will receive one free ice cream! There will be a moon bounce, music, treats, and more! 


What do we have to wear to promotion?

We do not have any color specificity. We ask that you dress nicely, semi-formal, or business professional. 

Will we practice walking?

No, Ms. Ortiz will post videos and information on Canvas- Hello 8th Grade page! Please check it weekly for important announcements and information. We will not march in alphabetical order, but we will according to academic achievement. 

What if I need more than 2 tickets?

Each student will receive 2 tickets to enter the main area. Other family members will be able to watch on CCTV in the cafeteria at Alexandria City High School. Also, feel free to ask a friend who is not going or who may not need them. If we have extra, we will give them out on a first come, first served basis. You will receive your tickets and certificates 1 day or so before the event. 

I Have More Questions! Who Can I Ask?

For questions about the Field Trip or Promotion Ceremony, please contact Dean Ortiz at For questions about the 8th Grade Dance, please contact Ashley Lombardi at For questions about the 8th Grade Field &
Food Truck Day, please contact Missy Estabrook at  If you are interested in volunteering at any of the events above, please use the sign up sheets above or contact Ms. Victoria at

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